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 The Lion Tribe has been an ongoing development for over the last 2 decades of Derrick and Ashley Pyles's lives. Both of them have been working in various types of ministry settings over these years. Bible studies, prayer groups, discipleship training, revivals, evangelism, conferences... etc. 

Over time they continued to see a common denominator in most Christians.  The majority of them were not increasing in strength and few of them were pursuing God's will for their life.  

Lion Tribe was birthed out of a call in Derrick and Ashley's hearts to coach believers to LIVE MISSION MINDED.  Lion Tribe partners with believers to strengthen and develop them so they can step into the calling of God without apology.  

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Our Story

Derrick and Ashley Pyles are the founders of The Lion Tribe International. 

The Lion tribe was birthed out of a deep passionate desire to see believers rise up and be strengthened to walk out the very best God has for them.

Derrick and Ashley are trainers to the body of Christ who are empowering believers to pursue and obtain the promises of God!  They desire to see each Christian develop into a strong leader, who desires to become a Godly influencer in their daily lives. They firmly believe one of the keys to this is training each believer to walk in intimate relationship with Jesus and ask & receive HIS BOLDNESS daily. Then over time they will begin to view themself as a culture/atmosphere changer.

Their aim to empower others to live mission-minded and work hard to help advance the kingdom of God on earth.

They are motivating others to pursue the will of God passionately and believe BIG for their lives because HE IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above all that we can imagine as we wholeheartedly follow Him.

Derrick and Ashley are a power team working together to strengthen and equip the Body of Christ for this new era.  They are passionate, strong leaders who love people and desire to see each beloved to walk in the very best God has for them.


Would you like to work with Derrick and Ashley?

Would you like to invite them to come and speak to your church, group, or business?   

They would love to come & strengthen you!


We are always looking for new opportunities to build up the body of Christ for the discipling of the nations! 



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